Prinnie Did WUT? Alexandria Goddard’s Premeditated Sexual Assault Confession

Now I understand. Prinnie thinks that she is the executioner. Got news for her.

Steubenville : The Real Story

Hi. I’m back.

Months ago, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine convened a grand jury in Steubenville. At that point, i decided to sit back and let that develop and take a break from Steubenville blogging. I could not have predicted that September would roll around and there’d be no end in sight. But, here we are. And no end is in sight. So, I’ve decided to pick up blogging, anyway.

I also did a new Radio Stranahan show about Steubenville today: you can listen here.

A month ago, a major article came out in the New Yorker by Ariel Levy entitled Trail By Twitter. It was deeply researched-must be nice to have those New Yorker travel budgets-and got a lot of the story right. Not all of it, but a lot and certainly more than most. It also confirmed what I’d been reporting here on this blog for months; that the Steubenville narrative…

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To my eyes, this word tumbles forward like a landslide of eggs and eggshells, of eyes and calling mouths, biting mouths, with the repetition of letter forms o o c c c: “Oh! Oh! See! See! See!” as the various busy bodies spot, point, call others, gather the forces, tumble down on the object…

Tumble? Perhaps more like tweet. You recognize the –cracy, of course: you’ve seen it in democracy and autocracy and theocracy and so on. It’s from Greek κρατία kratia ‘rule’. But ochlocracy is not a form of government any more than a fever is a durable state of health. Ochlocracy is a stampede, an avalanche, a corybantic frenzy; the very leaders of the group may be ripped to pieces as though by Bacchae. Ochlocracy is a Twitter-pile, when a strident voice calls out an infraction, gathers the censure, and within hours thousands or even millions…

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Waste of Breath, Waste of Space

RadioNewzBlog is nothing but trashy, attention-seeking stupidity. Hard to fathom that one could be so obtuse.

Preserve the Write

I do not know why I bother to look at RadioNewz. It’s obviously a site designed for those who are in complete moral bankruptcy. Honestly, who has the time to follow around and worry about who’s doing what and when?

Quite a few human lives caught in a web of hatred, oh what a wasted life. Life is way to precious and short, to feel anything other than that which makes you happy. If someone doesn’t post an opinion you like, don’t keep talking to them, move on with your life. Don’t waste your breath. If someone calls you something ugly, and you know it’s not true, why waste time dwelling on it? If it’s not true, it shouldn’t matter to you.

When looking over all the latest post, I see someone who has not only too much time on their hands, but who’s only goal in life is pointing…

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obnoxion, obnoxity, obnoxiety, obnoxicity, obnoxy, obnoxiosity, obnoxiousness

Obnoxious, obnoxiosity, obnoxy = begging for cash from your customers.


Ah, the constant lexical capriciousness of the English language. It’s like a combination of Christmas and Hallowe’en: when you unbox a word, you don’t know if it will be trick or treat. It’s like trying to learn to eat with a full formal flatware setting: the multifarious forks, knives, and spoons, there for you to choose from wrongly and make yourself look like a bumpkin. Our derived word forms in particular display a pointed obnoxion.

What do you mean obnoxion isn’t a word? Religious – religion; contagious – contagion… What is it, obnoxity? You know, loquacious – loquacity; mendacious – medacity… Well, then, how about obnoxiety? Like anxious – anxiety? Let’s see… calamitous – calamity could give us obnoxy… It’s not obnoxicity, anyway, right, because that really is just an –ity with an –ic before it… Maybe obnoxiosity on the model of monstrous – monstrosity

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Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Preserve the Write

I never really looked at the prior content on RadioNewz until I started following the WS lawsuit debacle.  What I saw of Radio’s posts during that seemed somewhat levelheaded.  Recently everything on her site has been dedicated to some type of tabloid trash one reads at the check – out line but doesn’t waste money buying.  I wondered what her site was like before the WS lawsuit.  So I looked back, and yep, the same old trash.  Always half assed accusations without much proof to back up what she claimed, a deviousness to find some person or people to trash and bash.  It’s quite appalling.

I then directed a friend of mine to look over the site, so we could discuss what was going on there.  She tells me, “I don’t get it.  Who gives a damn what these people are doing, or not doing, all the time?  What is…

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