Fair Game?

I have read that others believe because certain WS Admins were either witnesses or part of an email communication chain they are fair game to being exposed.  They also claim someone is trying to take away all of Tricia’s hard work.  Let’s get this straight.  It is the Mods and Admins who work hard that has contributed to the success of WS.  They are the core of the site, as are the posters that contribute to the discussions.  A business is nothing without it’s customers.  The site belongs to the people who made it bigger than Tricia ever could have expected.

Tricia sold half of her rights to the company.  Half.  She did it.  No one forced her to.  She is then obligated to fulfill whatever agreements she made with Sue.  This lawsuit would not be in existence if Tricia had fulfilled her obligations to her business partner.  If Tricia had only done what she was suppose to do, then Sue would never had a gripe to bring this forward. Want someone to blame, blame Tricia.  She is patient zero.

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