The ASSumption of Intelligence

Sometimes when we talk to people we assume there is some semblance of intelligence that is in them that isn’t.  Some people have to have things spelled out in exact, precise wording to understand what you are telling them.  Asking a co-worker if they need help with any of their tasks, what is the obvious inference from that?  I have finished all my work and I have time to help you if you need it.  Yet some are oblivious to that interpretation and ask, “Why didn’t you tell me you didn’t have any thing to do?”

The Retort: I am sorry. I didn’t realize I needed to follow you around yapping like a chihuahua until you got the implications of my original offer of help.  I thought you were smart enough to understand. I guess my ASSumptions about how intelligent you are were very off base. My mistake.  I won’t ASSume you can understand anything other than, “I am finished with all my work and have nothing to do” again.

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