Unrealistic Expectations

I received a tablet for Christmas yesterday and immediately went online searching for a Bluetooth keyboard case to accessorize it with. Naturally I went to Amazon, where you can find everything you need at reasonable prices. In the reviews of one of the keyboards I was looking at I saw a negative review, with the reviewer’s comment about how they thought they would be receiving the tablet along with the case for the fantastic price of thirty-two dollars. The reviewer had give the item a one star review because he or she actually believed he could get a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard case for under a hundred bucks. How is it the item’s fault that you were too stupid to read the product description of the item before you puchased it? No where in the item’s title or description did it say you were gettting a tablet.

If a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is. Research it. Read the full description before you buy it. If you fail to do these things before you pull the trigger on that purchase, don’t penalize the product for your own idiocy. And most definitely don’t fly your own “I’m a dumbass” flag by writing a review that people will see and rag you about later.  Please keep your stupidity in the closet, it may very well be contagious.

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