Let Me Tell You a Story

A while ago two women worked together.  One of the women decided she wanted extra money for things more than she could afford from her job.  She decided she would put out a donation jar at her place of work and tell everyone she had lung cancer and she needed money to pay for a lung transplant.

The other worker was out shopping one day and ran into a family member of her sick co-worker’s.  She spoke to the woman’s family member, expressing sympathy for what the whole family must be going through.  The family member asked the other woman, “What are you talking about?”  The woman explained how the other told everyone at work she was sick and was taking up donations for the transplant.  The family member, realizing the wrongness of the whole situation, alerted her family member’s employer and reported what she was doing wrong.  She felt terribly guilty on behalf of her entire family.

There are people out there, that will do anything to get more money than what they have or need.  Why?  Because they know how to get it.  They know how to prey on others’ sympathy and good hearts. They will tell you whatever will help you part with that money so they can have more of, no matter what it’s for.  The bottom line is it’s very wrong to ask for the charity of others when you really do not need it.  Do not be fooled into parting with your money for those scam artists to just blow on whatever it is that tickles their fancies.  Do not excuse their actions.  Tell them how wrong they are.

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