It Was on the Internet

One of my co-workers came in Tuesday with one of those “Have you heard” stories.  She begins spilling out how McDonald’s is going to be removing the Big Mac and Apple Pies from it’s menu.  Being that I am one of those I have to see it to believe it types, I decided to research this rumor.

There was indeed an article floating around about the removal of these products from the menu, but it was from a spoof news site.  in my research I came across an article that speaks of a  spoof site article that  went viral after being shared on Facebook.  People actually read the one article and believed it, and did not realize they were reading satirical news, my co-worker being one.

Not everything you read on the internet is true.  Like most Spoof news sites, their disclaimer reads that some of the stories are inspired by real events intermingled with bits of fiction.  You have to watch out for that, not just in spoof sites, but every where.  People are always trying to co-mingle real facts with a little fiction to see if others will pick it up and spread it far and wide.  Then, of course, you have those who just wish to re-write the whole story to how they think it should read.  Don’t be taken in, search around for more about it, before you go announcing the news to others.

The inspiration for the satire news about the McDonald’s removal of the Big Mac, etc can be found in this article:

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