The Changeling

Tricia Griffith has found herself a new IT guy it would seem.  Since Tricia has new IT support why hasn’t Beach been re-instated to her administrative position?  Does Tricia really even want Beach back?  I doubt she does.  How can she really trust her?  She can’t.

Why remove your old IT guy and replace him with a new one?  One clearly on your side?  Why not go for a neutral party instead?  The lawsuit is nearing the trial phase, final discoveries are being made ready, and Tricia chooses the final moments to make this change.  What does she fear?  Is this a strategic move in case she loses the lawsuit?  What does Sue think of this new change? Did she agree?

One thing I noticed today is that Tricia doesn’t appear to have a future partnership in mind.  Her own comments tell others if they have questions to email her, not “one of us” herself or Sue.  The settlement offer she invoked allows the parties to settle in money, not ownership buy-outs.  Just money, no terms.  I don’t even think a judge can force one owner to sell out their half. So what can the judge do in this situation?  Has Tricia made a settlement offer?  Did she ever intend to do so?

Another amusing thought to ponder: Websleuths has never had redirection when you clicked their links before.  Why now?  Why with this new guy at the helm?  Better to move cautiously around the site.  Tricia’s paranoia may come out in full force as we get closer to the trial date.  Stay tuned.

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