Walking Papers

It’s very unfair that Tricia has handing Adnoid his walking papers, unless it’s something he wanted.  For years Adnoid has performed every duty that the mistress of insanity has demanded of him, loyally.  No one has stopped to question why someone who showed complete blind loyalty to Tricia might turn on her.  I can only surmise  what his reasons are for stepping away from his position as her right hand man.  As much as he has done at her behest, his failure to remain with her now is the most telling tale in this whole saga.  Just think, really think.

People can no longer access their Websleuths email, they have been redirected to other sites by clicking on their bookmarks, and Beach is still banned.  Yet the new IT is a tech god to beholden.  I have no memories of issues like this when Adnoid was “the guy.”  Personally the guy may be a bit callous, but he knew his shit.  People are condemninng the job he has done on the forum for the dislike of his personality, rather than his skill in his craft.  Well to each their own, Adnoid did a way better job at the tech stuff than this new guy.  The lawsuit may not matter after he is done destroying it all.

I still cannot believe that Sue was on board with hiring this guy.  Why would Tricia hire him?  If she is about to WIN this lawsuit as others claim, why not go with a neutral IT guy?  I think something is rotten in Websleuths and it’s brand of crazy will be the fall of it all.  I believe mass purgings will be coming again and the conductor of the looney locomotive is none other than Tricia herself.  Then this guy will just be an Adnoid re-run.  Just wait for it.

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