Help Needed, Apply Within

Ever since the appointment of Websleuths new IT guy, it has been slowly going to hell in a hand basket. More and more people are reporting unheard of problems since Deputy Dave has taken the reins. Sure the problems are being blamed on rogue ads, but is that really the problem? One can’t help but question if there are more sinister reasons at work.

A move like this must be questioned since the smartest move on part of Tricia or Sue would have been to hire someone who took neither of their sides. A person who valued moral integrity and the drive to focus only on their job at hand over choosing whose side is right and whose is wrong and blindly serving the master they choose.

So why this choice and why now? It has been over a year since the lawsuit was filed and Adnoid remained until recently.  He has had over a year to do whatever he needed to do based on all the conspiracy theories, so why not wait until the lawsuit was over to pull him? What need did Tricia have to replace him now when we are so close to the finale?  Is she afraid what might happen if she loses or is she preparing for the worst if Sue loses? If it is the latter a neutral party would have served better, one who is under the thumb of neither. This can only  be for her gain, but if she will win as others predict, why is this measure necessary?

If Tricia has any sense, before it can be further construed as nefarious reasoning, she would send Dave packing and find someone else whose only goal is doing their job fairly.  Undo this bad mistake and find someone whose only concern is the overall well being of Websleuths, not to serve you or Sue.

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