Aliens Have Landed

The very first person who ever greeted me on Websleuths is being attacked by the masses.  Poor Kimster.  Because Tricia promised to pay for her for her work on both the forum and her radio show, Kimster is being accused of being greedy for expecting those promises to be made good.  No one dares chide the one who made promises they did not keep.  No one dares step up to the one who is greediest of them all, the one who sold half her business to another and has made sure year after year that her co-owner hasn’t received a dime of return.  Only after a suit was filed did Sue lay hand on any profits, and when she did she was taken to task.

Why are others so willing to overlook the Queen of Greed and pick apart those who have received only a fraction of what they were promised, if not less.

Kimster the greeter, the alien loving administrator, victimized because Tricia made promises to compensate her and she believed it.  I am sorry Kimmy dear, but to some people the victimizers are turned into glorified victims when someone gets upset at them for their victimization.  It’s kind of like abuser who cry about being abused, or blame their victims for the abused they have caused.

Don’t feel bad about them, their thought processes are not at all normal.  If someone offered to pay me for a volunteer position, I wouldn’t be sad about it either.  The economy is bad, we all have mouths to feed, and bills to pay.  Every little bit helps, so why say no?

5 thoughts on “Aliens Have Landed

  1. It is interesting how those who don’t have ALL the facts Print what they think they know. You have missed the mark in your remarks. You can root for any one because this is your forum. But please post what the facts. No promises were made but hope if they had enough money. And there is a contract in place that spells out who gets what and when. Go back to Radio’s forum and read all of the posts that are the points of the actual lawsuit. You might be informed.


    1. I do believe there is an affidavit signed by Kimster on the Harris County Website that discusses a conversation between herself and Tricia. Were you an actual part of that conversation? If not, then you are not privy to all the facts, you are just choosing whose account you believe as am I. As for where I get my information, I actually read every document posted directly to the HC court site. Thank you very much. At this point it boils down to a bunch of she said she saids and choosing who is more truthful. As for who gets what, there are two documents that we are waiting for a judge to rule on which is the valid one to go by.


      1. What part of the lawsuit are you that is “WE”? We are waiting for a judge to rule on which is the valid one to go by! And it is true that Kimster said a lot of things in her camp log following Tricia around for many many months. Eleven single typed pages. Yep that was so much evidence. Sorry if that is bitchy but she was not a team player.


        1. Are you really trying to read that hard into my words? “We” as in, those of us following the Lawsuit. We, collectly, cannot decide who will end up on the coming on the right side of this lawsuit until it’s decided which of the “agreements” the courts will uphold on this matter, now will we?


        2. Helen Ross, how do you know about eleven single spaced sheets? Is that on the Harris County site? Perhaps you are an insider and not an observer. Or a friend who can’t possibly be objective. I’d say you have a dog in the race. One should never place odds on a horse they love.


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