There’s Precedence For It

If the stories Radionewz are reporting are indeed true, it’s as I suspected.  I had a feeling that private chats and mail messages would again be read.  Adnoid is not at the wheel this time, it’s Deputy Dave.  Those who blamed Adnoid for directing that mission have been sorely mistaken this whole time.

For those of you who have been waiting in the shadows, or privately discussing this matter in personal messages, cease fire! They already know where your loyalties lie.  How long will it be before those who have always felt the rightness in Sue’s quest receive those wonder messages at log-in stating they have been banned and “you know why!”

There is a reason why Facebook and other Internet based companies require obtaining court orders to gain access to their members personal messages and chats.  I do wonder, was a court order obtained before reading these things of Kimsters?  Or is this all another ploy of Radio’s to stir up the pot with no evidence to back it up?  We shall see, we shall see.

This Websleuths Lawsuit has done gotten down and dirty.  Who is it with the dirt all over their hands?

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