Duh Duh Dumb

When you have a cold or sinus infection, you often have head congestion so severe it impairs your thinking abilities.  For the past week I have been sick with a head cold and when I try to think to hard my brain reaches the congestion which keeps my thought processes from functioning properly.

Don’t you just hate that?

However, it does not affect my ability to realize when I am reading other stupid things.

When two people own something together, it belongs to them both.  When a husband and wife get married, everything they acquire is both of theirs.  When two people go into business together as equal partners, they both own equal shares of the business.  So what is one partner to do when the other is completely inconsiderate of the other?  Why do some find the inconsiderate partner’s actions excusable, but condemn the actions of the one who is holding the other accountable?

The predator has since become the prey.  The mouse has found a way to spook the elephant and now everyone feels sorry for what, it’s fear?  The consequences of it’s actions?  It seems others are having some head congestion of their own, unfortunately theirs seems to be a permanent affliction.

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