Lines Drawn in the Sand

Many people have been following the Websleuths lawsuit, eagerly awaiting the outcome.  There is no doubt that the lawsuit between the two owners has much commotion.  Some Websleuths members could care less about the lawsuit altogether.  Some have come to realize that the site is being affected by it and have chosen what side they believe to be right.  Some have heard the whispering of others of outlandish claims and feel that certain actions are very, very wrong indeed.

Whatever reason one has for following it, the lawsuit has resulted in lines being drawn in the sand.  It would seem that a majority of people support Tricia in this suit, and a minority of members support Sue.  The name of this blog is the Minority Retort.  Why?

It’s because I usually find myself on the side of the minority in public opinion.  I don’t view things from a personal standpoint.  I choose to view things from what facts I can see.  I have no dog in this fight, other than wanting to see wrongs being made right.  At this point, I don’t even know what would make the wrongs right again.

I have found that usually when I follow court cases, leaving out my personal feelings about who’s on trial while viewing the evidence that is presented in cases, the juries or judges usually draw the same conclusions I do.  Usually, those cases are criminal cases. Not once have I followed a civil case.

What I know of civil cases is this:  the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff.  They must be able to prove that the claim they are bring forward is true.  The burden of proof is less than it would be in a court of law as well.

After Sue brought this suit foward Tricia countered Sue with a suit of her own.  Looking at the claims of both is very interesting and it’s what we shall do now.  Blog posts will come outlining the complaints of both from their most recently and updated petitions.  Let’s see where we end up, shall we?

The line has been drawn.  Which half of the sand will you stand upon?  Will any of you who have already taken your stand cross the line to stand behind another?  Or will you hold firmly to your personal attachments and remain standing firmly in place?

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