All You Need is Love

Every day while I am trudging along the interwebz I often see the most hateful comments that include the names of “God” or “Jesus.”  Having read the Bible many times, but not subscribing to any one particular brand of religion, I find it very disturbing to see so much hate attributed to God or Jesus.

To basically sum up the Bible Old Testament God was a very vengeful God(It says so!) He thought punishment in the form of an eye for an eye, a hand for a hand, etc were the way to go.  At some point in time, God decided that this was just not the way to go and wanted to make a new covenant with his people, so He sent His Son, Jesus to spread the word of his new found philosophy.  The new philosophy was love, forgiveness, and tolerance.

Christians are the people who were born from this new philosophy.  Those that follow Jesus and his teachings are directed to love your neighbor, to turn the other cheek when you have been wrong, and to forgive those who wrong you.  Love everyone, no matter how wrong they are, or their faults.  Trust in God to provide everything you need, including justice.

Those who did not believe that God could/would change and that Jesus is not the Son of God and still follow the rules of the Old Testament are Jewish.  Some sects of Christianity believe that the Jewish are God’s chosen ones and will always have space reserved in Heaven for them.  Other sects believe that only Christians, those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, will be allotted space in Heaven.  To each their own here.  My personal thoughts are that as long as you live a life of love and God you will go to Heaven.

Then it begs one last question:  Will forgiveness still be yours if you accept only Jesus as your Savior?  If you choose only to believe in Him and not follow his teachings, will you be forgiven your sins?

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