Bang, Bang

“Bang, Bang!” It’s the sound you grew up hearing shouted when little boys(or girls) played cops and robbers.  Many gun accidents involving children revolve around a child finding a gun, not realizing it’s both real and loaded, and then tragedy happens.

I am a strong supporter of a person’s right to bear arms, but I cannot help but be upset when I read stories like this:

I feel like we could do more to ensure the safety of our children as gun owners.  When shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary took place my immediate thoughts were that better gun safes should be used.  Gun owners should be required to own a safe that requires both a combination and key to gain access.  So many of the cases people get to lock up their weapons arsenals are easily picked or broken into, not really protecting access to their guns.  Some people don’t even bother with cases or safes at all and think nothing of what could happen if a child stumbled across their guns.

The type of gun safe I am referring to is this:

These safes are not inexpensive and my thoughts have always been that the government could provide either the safe or a subsidy for to purchase this type of safe for gun owners, rather than continuing to have discussions of banning guns, which get them nowhere since this is a country that prides itself on our many wonderful freedoms.

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