Trouble Again…

It looks as though Ms. Pate’s strong views have gotten her in trouble with Twitter yet again.  Back in 2013 Pate is posting about not having Twitter accounts.  See the comments on this blog.

I have never followed Ms Pate’s postings so I cannot really attest if she is what others on the interwebz are accusing her of.  I can only look at the few comments I have come across and have seen what I consider some insensitive remarks.  For example, a comment she made on an article about environmental racism.  Hers is the very last comment here.

I want to explain why I feel this comment is insensitive.  These plants tend to build their businesses in areas where the land is cheaper and where people are less likely to find the ability to fight the building of such hazardous places.  It’s a given that many of America’s lower socio-economic populations are African Americans.  Many African American’s do not choose to live in these sub-standard conditions, it’s what they are forced to do.  I am sure many would love to live in the nice ‘burbs’ somewhere else, but one can only live where they can afford to live.  The question is not “who is forcing the poor blacks to live near these plants” but why are these plants allowed anywhere near where people live?  The short answer is this, we all know the pollution would harm the environment where ever they are, so they will be fought tooth and nail to get a place away from the population by activist groups.  They won’t place them in the ‘burbs’ in predominant white areas because we would hire our fancy lawyers, so what’s left?  The places where people cannot afford lawyers to fight the building of these hazardous facilities.  The lack of empathy or understanding of this issue on the part of Ms. Pate disturbs me and does make me question where she stands on race issues.

If I further delve and review her blog I find that she is supportive of every white person accused in high profile hate crimes.  I see no sympathy for the victims at all.  It makes me want to search out for proof that she has every stood up for an African American.  Have you?  Perhaps that is why others are so keen to call you a racist.  Read back over your words and see if you can arrive at the same interpretations others have.

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