This is the End, My Friend

Preserve the Write

The details of the Websleuths lawsuit’s end have yet to be released, but some feel it’s a big win for Tricia.  I can’t say that for sure.

At the end of the day, the courts couldn’t force out one owner.  All that could be settled was the monetary differences the two were sharing.  Which leads me to believe that Tricia had to have offered to buy out Sue.  So while Tricia may have “won” the site, Sue may have received a substantial amount of cash for this to happen.  To me it would have had to be a substantial amount of money too, in order for Sue to walk away from it, as there were other settlement attempts that Sue walked away from.

Here is the thing:  When you look at the differences these two owners have, what could this lawsuit have accomplished in the terms of resolving their differences?…

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