Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Preserve the Write

I never really looked at the prior content on RadioNewz until I started following the WS lawsuit debacle.  What I saw of Radio’s posts during that seemed somewhat levelheaded.  Recently everything on her site has been dedicated to some type of tabloid trash one reads at the check – out line but doesn’t waste money buying.  I wondered what her site was like before the WS lawsuit.  So I looked back, and yep, the same old trash.  Always half assed accusations without much proof to back up what she claimed, a deviousness to find some person or people to trash and bash.  It’s quite appalling.

I then directed a friend of mine to look over the site, so we could discuss what was going on there.  She tells me, “I don’t get it.  Who gives a damn what these people are doing, or not doing, all the time?  What is…

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