Waste of Breath, Waste of Space

RadioNewzBlog is nothing but trashy, attention-seeking stupidity. Hard to fathom that one could be so obtuse.

Preserve the Write

I do not know why I bother to look at RadioNewz. It’s obviously a site designed for those who are in complete moral bankruptcy. Honestly, who has the time to follow around and worry about who’s doing what and when?

Quite a few human lives caught in a web of hatred, oh what a wasted life. Life is way to precious and short, to feel anything other than that which makes you happy. If someone doesn’t post an opinion you like, don’t keep talking to them, move on with your life. Don’t waste your breath. If someone calls you something ugly, and you know it’s not true, why waste time dwelling on it? If it’s not true, it shouldn’t matter to you.

When looking over all the latest post, I see someone who has not only too much time on their hands, but who’s only goal in life is pointing…

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One thought on “Waste of Breath, Waste of Space

  1. if any of you have any information as to who owns Radionewz blog please contact me your information will remain confidential. this is for legal purposes as that blog has attacked me and my wife on behalf of a restrained party


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