Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen

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Preserve the Write

It’s been a while since I have had the time to sit and read all the goings on in the crime sleuthing communities lately.  What I have been reading has me greatly disturbed.  One notable blogger’s site has turned into a drama train wreck of “outing” what appears to be a group of people who had a dissident opinion on various crime cases from what others had.

In all the various screen shots and links that have been posted, the only crime proven to have been committed is not sharing the view of some others.  By not sharing that view, by not just “going away” and “remaining silent” or not taking the shit that was thrown at them, these people are bullies.  Oh, and let’s not forget, some follow multiple cases, just like all those who are bitching about it do.

Basically, what we are seeing is that these people…

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Oh, you sad scraper, scruting some screed scribbled by a scruffy scribe, be it scrubbed on your screen or scrawled in scrimped script on a scroll, or scratched like scrimshaw: so much lexical scree to scramble through, you could just screech. Can a scrupulous scrutator scrounge some scrap of sense from it, or should you just tell the scoundrel to scrute themself?

Scrute? And why not? We have scrutiny and scrutineer and scrutinize, with that in in, but we also have scrutate, and we have inscrutable and also (yes) scrutable. And they all trace back to Latin scrutari ‘examine, scrutinize’. It, in turn, apparently comes from scruta ‘old or broken stuff, trash, frippery, trumpery’ (per OED). Which means that the source sense of scrutiny and all the other scrut words is rag-picking. Digging through the detritus, scraping and scrabbling in the scraps and scree. Scruting.

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This is the End, My Friend

Preserve the Write

The details of the Websleuths lawsuit’s end have yet to be released, but some feel it’s a big win for Tricia.  I can’t say that for sure.

At the end of the day, the courts couldn’t force out one owner.  All that could be settled was the monetary differences the two were sharing.  Which leads me to believe that Tricia had to have offered to buy out Sue.  So while Tricia may have “won” the site, Sue may have received a substantial amount of cash for this to happen.  To me it would have had to be a substantial amount of money too, in order for Sue to walk away from it, as there were other settlement attempts that Sue walked away from.

Here is the thing:  When you look at the differences these two owners have, what could this lawsuit have accomplished in the terms of resolving their differences?…

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WCTV Reports On A Cyber-Harrassing Blogger

Tsk Tsk…she never stops does she.

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

We’ve seen it over and over again. When law enforcement releases information to the media, written autopsy reports are included, but never autopsy photos. We get the drawings of a body showing wounds, but not actual photos. At trial is where the autopsy photos are shown to the jury. When those trials are live-streamed, the public seldom sees the autopsy photos because they are not nice. Medical examiners explain the autopsy. The photos are not left to the opinions of lay people.

That however, did not stop a blogger from not only obtaining autopsy photos, but also giving her opinion about what they show and challenging the mother of the dead teen to prove her wrong.

The video on the link for WCTV reports that they reached out to the blogger, but have not received a response. I urge you to watch the video. It includes an interview with Kendrick’s…

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Ursa’s Minor Lapse


Preserve the Write

Notorious Ursa, who was so keen to post screen shots from a secret thread from the On the Docket Off the Record forum, has been slacking in her updating duties lately.  She has failed to update the court document filings, especially this last filing where Tricia is trying to fight Sue’s Jury Demand.  Has she gone on Holiday?  Or is she starting reading the writing on the walls and realize that all is not as it seems with this lawsuit?

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Word tasting, yum!


A word bursts on the scene, fresh, faddish, perhaps consciously classical or rebellious or hip. It has its Warhol-appointed quarter-hour or its full Shakespearean hour on the stage, and then it slips back, retreats into the thin pages of the dictionary, eventually dies with a dagger through its heart and has its grave condition marked with an obelisk. Such is life; vanity may be glorious, but all glory is vain.

But just because this too shall pass doesn’t mean we should despise it. Indeed, the very evanescence of life’s delights enjoins us to enjoy them: if not now, when? Every moment is a new opportunity. Take it. Just don’t become attached to it. Relish it and relinquish it. Spend the moment well; just don’t give it meaning beyond its worth. Don’t think your first-class upgrade makes you a first-class person. Take the meretricious for its merry tricks, knowing you…

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